Rabbis, Rabbis

As we say להתראות (“L’hitra’ot” – See you again soon) to Reb Laura, and ברוך הבא (“Baruch HaBah” – welcome) to Rabbi Louis, the Rabbi Search Committee has been busy laying the ground work for our search for our permanent rabbi for next year. There are three relevant documents:

Or Shalom Rabbi Job Posting

Or Shalom Rabbi Job Description

and one you may find new for Or Shalom, a community snapshot called the Or Shalom Profile

Applications for the position and questions can be sent to rabbisearch@orshalom.ca


About Or Shalom

Or Shalom is a creative and growing Jewish spiritual community in Vancouver, B.C., part of the movement for Jewish Renewal.
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1 Response to Rabbis, Rabbis

  1. Ruth Dresner says:

    Being Reb Hannah’s mother, I derive great joy in learning that you have found each other. I wish you Hatzlacha and pray for your long and meaningful partnership in doing G’d’s work. Ruth Dresner

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